Troy Baily


Troy Baily is a financial advisor based in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

Known by his community and business colleagues as an honest professional with a strong work ethic, Troy has applied those characteristics to his career in the financial industry.

Troy’s firsthand experience in witnessing events such as sudden deaths and feuds over estate taxes has shown him the significant negative impact these  circumstances can have on someone’s overall financial situation. More specifically, it spurred a passion in Troy to use his knowledge to help others take measures towards planning for their financial future. 

Over 20 years ago, Troy began CBL Wealth Advisors, an independent financial firm focused on helping individuals prepare for a worry-free retirement. Wanting to help others feel certain in their finances post-retirement, Troy and his team of specialists work directly with their clients to create customized plans and assist them in making financial decisions they will face. More specifically, Troy follows a tailor-made plan on disciplined wealth, income planning and investments in order to optimize returns for his clients, minimize risks and reduce their taxes. As a result, Troy Baily has helped a large number of individuals take hold of their finances and give them a picture of what they should be doing in order to achieve their long-term goals.

However, Troy knows financial planning takes continual input and dedication. Rather than giving his clients one-time advice, he walks them through their journey and meets with them periodically to ensure they are able to adapt to any risk factors such as health care bills or inflation over time. Additionally, he and his team host events geared to educate individuals on the ever-changing economic and tax environment. 

Most recently, Troy has cofounded Premium Plus Advisors. This new firm specializes in working with professionals, pre-retirees, business owners, high net-worth families, foundations, and those looking to create legacies for the future. Troy and the Premium Plus Advisors firm is dedicated to educating clients, providing business transfer options, and creating legacy and planning strategies to ensure those legacies are preserved.

Troy’s clients know they are safe in his hands. Not only has his financial wisdom significantly impacted many lives, but his overall passion and care for his clients has impacted many lives as well. He is motivated by using his expertise to bless others, and he measures his success by what he has done for others rather than the success he has found for himself.

In addition to helping others achieve their financial goals, Troy Baily and his family have also planned well for their own futures. But even though Troy finds importance in managing his finances well and taking preventative measures against financial risks, he still finds extreme value in using his finances to bless others. With the financial confidence he has built, he and his wife Marti are able to donate to their church and assist less fortunate families. He finds great worth in using his blessings to bless others.

To stay updated on his financial tips and tricks, visit his blog for continual updates.