The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of nearly everyone in the United States, but some people are far more hurt by the virus than others. The ones suffering the most right now are those in low-income families. The loss of jobs and lack of safe transportation has made it much harder for this community to find food. The importance of food banks and donations from those capable of helping is clearer now than ever before. These are the most common things the food banks near you need right now.

Money Is Best Option

Your first instinct may be to take a large box of food to your local food bank, but a cash donation will actually help them more. Most food banks are large organizations that work directly with the food suppliers in your area. This relationship allows the food bank to get discounted rates on their grocery purchases. They will be able to get more food with your cash donation than if you do the shopping for them. With so many people out of work right now, food banks around the country are running low on cash.

Healthy Non-Perishable Foods

If you do not have the option of donating cash, then healthy non-perishable foods will do the most good at a food bank. These items are always needed at food banks because they last for years. They will be able to keep these items on the shelves until they find a good home without having to worry about the food spoiling. Pasta, canned vegetables, canned fruit, peanut butter, soup and beans are some of the most requested items at food banks. If you have some of these items taking up space in your pantry, then the food bank in your area will happily accept them.

Kid-Friendly Food Items

With most schools closed around the country, many kids no longer have a place to get an affordable meal during the day. These kids relied on the free breakfast and lunch at school to supply their nutrition. Food banks are working with other helpful organizations to help feed hungry kids during the school year. Since they are feeding more kids than ever before, food banks are in need of kid-friendly food items like juice boxes and small bags of snacks.