You have probably come across many books over the last decade that state that business owners require “entrepreneurial spirit,” but they do not define exactly what that is. So, outside of being confident, optimistic, thrill-seeking, and social, what other traits would one consider entrepreneurial?


Well, there really isn’t any perfect personality when it comes to starting and running a business, however, there are some isolated traits that will better serve you in the long term. Here are three of those tendencies that experts agree can come in handy:


Being Disciplined

If you want your business to become and remain successful, you need to focus the majority of your available time on it. Distractions should be eliminated or ignored because they are only getting in the way of your dreams. If you truly want to meet your goals, it is best to have a plan and to stick to it as best as you possibly can. Don’t forget that, at first, you will be doing everything yourself. This is bound to occur due to lack of funds and because you need to set the tone. Eventually, you will hire and train others, but that can be far down the road.

You will also need extra dedication that is not always required by a nine-to-five job. You oftentimes will be the first person in in the morning and the last person to leave at night. You won’t necessarily have a schedule, per say, but instead will work any time you are needed. This can include off-days or while you are in the midst of other personal obligations. Expect to put the company first, at nearly all times. It takes tons of discipline to follow through on anything that is so encompassing of one’s time.


Staying Determined

You must remain resilient despite any setbacks that may impact you or your business. Determination is a great motivator and it will keep you from throwing in the towel. As every great entrepreneur can tell you, failure is nothing more than an invitation to succeed in the future. Staying positive, tweaking your ideas, and trying again are just parts of an entrepreneur’s basic disposition. They cannot be told that anything is impossible because they will never accept it.

Determination allows the entrepreneur to kick any obstacle out of his or her path on the way to making his or her company successful. However, determination continues to thrive even after the initial goals are reached. The determined business owner will then create another goal and work towards its completion.


Having Passion

This characteristic is certainly the most crucial of all that an entrepreneur can have. It has been stated many times by experts that those who love what they do for a living and find joy in the process are very likely to become successful. When work is fun, you really won’t mind putting your heart and soul into it, as well as giving the extra time that all start-ups need in the first few years. And, when you love what you do, you will never mind researching and reading up on strategies that are sure to improve your business overall.

So, keep these traits in mind if you feel that going into business for yourself is something that you may want to do. If they do not come to you naturally, they may become automatic after going out on your own for a bit. If not, however, you should develop such traits to help yourself become the best entrepreneur that you can be.